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bridge crane pendant control

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  • What is overhead crane pendant control?

    With the development, application and popularization of remote control technology, the industrial remote control technology for cranes has matured, and the control method using its technology has obvious advantages compared with the traditional control methods. The overhead crane pendant control is stable, reliable, safe, practical and economical.At the same time, it is also a type of pedant crane control.

  • Maintenance of pendant crane control

    Traditional crane controllers are outdated because of their many drawbacks and are highly vulnerable to safety hazards. The pendant crane control system has a variety of protection functions, which have improved the various drawbacks of lifting operations to varying degrees. I will introduce you to the method of maintaining pendant crane control.

  • What is the pendant control system for overhead cranes?

    The bridge crane is mainly used for the small and medium-sized wharf of inland port, as well as the warehouse yard, storage yard or factory area, for loading and unloading general cargo or bulk cargo. Its suspension control is mainly to hang a button box on it. The crane operator can control the movement of the crane by pressing and holding the button box. The drop of the suspended object shall not be too long, usually 1 m from the ground, and the extension radius of the suspended object shall not exceed 2 m, that is to say, the operator must be close to the lifted object during the operation. Do you know the overhead crane pendant control system? What are the advantages and disadvantages in the operation? The next article gives you a brief introduction, hoping to help you understand the overhead crane pendant control system better.

  • What is a bridge crane pendant control?

    In the mechanical industry, bridge crane is widely used. Bridge crane is a kind of lifting equipment, which is used to lift materials horizontally in workshop, warehouse and storage yard. The bridge of the bridge crane extends longitudinally along the track laid on the viaduct on both sides, which c

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