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What is the pendant control system for overhead cranes?

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What is the pendant control system for overhead cranes?

The bridge crane is mainly used for the small and medium-sized wharf of inland port, as well as the warehouse yard, storage yard or factory area, for loading and unloading general cargo or bulk cargo. Its suspension control is mainly to hang a button box on it. The crane operator can control the movement of the crane by pressing and holding the button box. The drop of the suspended object shall not be too long, usually 1 m from the ground, and the extension radius of the suspended object shall not exceed 2 m, that is to say, the operator must be close to the lifted object during the operation. Do you know the overhead crane pendant control system? What are the advantages and disadvantages in the operation? The next article gives you a brief introduction, hoping to help you understand the overhead crane pendant control system better.


The main points are as follows:

What is the overhead crane pendant control system?

Advantages of overhead crane pendant control system

Disadvantages of this control system



What is the overhead crane pendant control syetem?

The suspension control system of the overhead crane refers to a hand-held controller whose buttons are directly connected to the hoist or a separate ribbon and are lowered for the use of the operator. The operator holds the control pendant and moves along the runway with the crane and cargo. The operator can also control the lifting equipment from the side and use the suspension control equipment to control the up and down movement of the hook . It is a kind of pedant crane control system.


Advantages of overhead crane pendant control system

From the perspective of current operation, the advantages of bridge crane control mainly include the following:


1. Reliability.


2. Due to its strong design, it has high resistance to mechanical damage and pollutants. It mainly includes:

(1) high impact resistance;


(2) resistant to corrosion, moisture, dust and dirt;


(3) the insulation design can provide impact resistance;


(4) ergonomic design, bring comfort to operators and reduce fatigue.


Disadvantages of this control system

So, what are the disadvantages of overhead crane hanger control?

(1) The main disadvantage is that it always keeps the operator close to the load. Especially when handling heavy objects and / or dangerous materials (such as molten iron or chemicals), putting the operator near the heavy objects may increase the chance of accidents or contact with harmful substances.


(2) Another major disadvantage is that the operator must follow the load along the floor of the device, which increases the risk of tripping or falling. Operators must pay attention to substances or obstacles on the floor and know where colleagues are working and what machinery or equipment is being used nearby.


(3) Finally, the button control may get stuck on the machine or other obstacles on the crane hanger, which may cause the pendant to disconnect from the crane. In addition, as time goes on, the wires in the button cable will be disconnected, because when it moves down in the crane pod, the button cable will be pulled by obstacles and obstacles.



In daily operation, as long as the crane operators are properly trained, the overhead crane pendant control system will be the ideal choice for the safety control of crane and hoist movement. We offer this control system, from basic configuration to multi speed control and bridge crane with customized control and diagnosis functions. The company has also established contacts with leading crane control manufacturers in the industry. If you have any questions about Rainproof pedant crane control, Bridge crane pendant control,please contact us immediately.

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