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What is overhead crane pendant control?

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What is overhead crane pendant control?

With the development, application and popularization of remote control technology, the industrial remote control technology for cranes has matured, and the control method using its technology has obvious advantages compared with the traditional control methods. The overhead crane pendant control is stable, reliable, safe, practical and economical.At the same time, it is also a type of pedant crane control.


  • Definition of overhead crane pendant control

  • The drawbacks of traditional control methods

  • The advantages of overhead crane pendant control


Definition of overhead crane pendant control


A crane is a multi-action hoisting machine that vertically lifts and horizontally carries heavy objects within a certain range, also known as a crane. It is mainly used for lifting pieces of goods, and can also transport bulk materials and liquid materials after being equipped with appropriate spreaders. Cranes are usually divided into boom-type cranes and bridge-type cranes according to their structure.


Elevated cranes are mainly used for containers, bulk cargo, groceries and bulk loading and unloading in dock loading and unloading areas. The product is suitable for a wide range of operating conditions, containers (A7), grabs (A8), groceries (A6), and large pieces (A3). The main operating mechanisms include: lifting, luffing, turning, walking, leg extension and jacking. The overhead crane pendant control is a controller that can remotely control the overhead crane to ensure proper operation and safety.


The drawbacks of traditional control methods


The wired control method controlled by the control cable requires the controller to drag the control cable to control the crane during the control process. Limited by the length of the control cable, the distance between the operator and the hoisting object is relatively close, so that it is easy to control the observation work and facilitate communication with other workers.


However, because it is close to the object being lifted, it is impossible to completely guarantee the safety distance during the loading and unloading operation, so there is a certain safety hazard. This is especially true when the height of the crane is high. At the same time, there is a risk that the control cable will entangle with the hooks and locks.


With the driver's cab control method, there is a defect that the operator's manipulation position is fixed, and there is a defect that the operation angle of view, the line of sight, and the operation distance cannot be freely selected, and the operator is easily fatigued. There is also a misoperation caused by a mistake in the transmission of information when the commander and the controller are far away.


The advantages of overhead crane pendant control


Because the control distance is flexible, the operator can observe the working state of the sling at an appropriate distance, facilitate communication with other operators, and participate in the shovel operation, thereby saving manpower, facilitating communication of work information, and improving work efficiency.


The crane remote control is equipped with an emergency stop button or a mushroom head. In an emergency, pressing the emergency stop button or mushroom head can instantly cut off the main circuit power. During the lifting operation, the operator can stay away from the suspended items and away from the dangerous area, and only the controller can observe the suspended objects. The safety of the operators is guaranteed.


The crane remote control has superior performance and can automatically search for frequencies to prevent interference. The remote control of the crane is modified without destroying the original cab control circuit of the crane. When the two control modes are adopted, the switch can be realized and interlocked, and the cab can be arbitrarily moved.


Reconstruction, maintenance costs are low, and time is short. It is retrofitted with a single-speed crane remote control (usually used for electric hoists), usually no more than 2,000 yuan. The life of the crane remote control can reach more than 30 million times, basically no maintenance is required in the third and fifth years, and the repair and replacement is also convenient and quick.


The industrial remote control is the first-class standard of the international industry (EN300220-1). The exterior design is beautiful. At the same time, it has anti-vibration and anti-hardening materials (such as acid, oil, paint), anti-electromagnetic interference, dustproof and waterproof grade up to IP65.


Can be long standby. The continuous operation time is up to several months or even half a year, and the ordinary No. 5 dry battery can save cost and reduce trouble.


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