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The similarities and difference between wireless crane control and pendant crane control

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The similarities and difference between wireless crane control and pendant crane control

Do you know what are the similarities between wireless crane control and pendant crane control, and what are the differences? I will explain it to you below.


What is wireless crane control and pendant crane control?


The difference


What is wireless crane control and pendant crane control?


A crane is a multi-action hoist that vertically lifts and horizontally carries heavy objects within a certain range. Also known as the crane, aerial crane, crane. The crane is a kind of lifting equipment for loading and unloading goods. It is widely used in the industries of metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, light industry, electric power, construction, transportation and so on. Moreover, in response to the rapid development of electronic technology, the continuous improvement of the wireless remote control device makes it possible for the crane to operate through the wireless crane control during operation.It can be divided into single speed crane control and dual speed crane control.


The wireless remote control device is mainly composed of two parts, and the transmitter and the receiver are applied in the crane. The principle of the transmitter is that the control command sent by the operator is coded and then sent out in the form of wireless plating or light wave. There are two main types of transmitters used on cranes: push-button and rocker. The receiver amplifies, shapes, and filters the received wireless plating or light wave signal.


The pendant crane control is a concept different from the civilian remote control. It is also called the mobile crane remote control. Some places are also called the aerial crane remote control or the electric hoist remote control. It is a device that uses radio transmission to remotely control or remotely control industrial machinery. It is a transmitting device made of a wireless transmitting circuit board to control the operation of industrial machinery. Pendant crane control requires precision, sensitivity, signal consistency, anti-interference, remote control distance, waterproof and dustproof, high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc., are higher than civilian remote control, driving remote control can adapt to various Harsh environment; these are the reasons why civilian remote controls cannot replace industrial remote controls.




Whether it is wireless crane control or pendant crane control, they all have a common advantage.

Reduced security risks

When the cab is operated, the driver cannot make a correct decision because of the fixed angle of view and line of sight. Therefore, when operating in a complex environment, the ground personnel are required to command, and sometimes the operator may be misunderstood due to improper command, and the intention of the gesture is incorrect. There is a safety hazard in lifting. The wireless crane control eliminates the command link, thus avoiding misoperations caused by improper command or misunderstanding.

Increased labor productivity

Thanks to the wireless crane control, the operator only needs to carry a lightweight launch system, free to walk and choose the best visual position to operate, the operator gathers the driver, command, and the driver, which can effectively ensure the information transmission and improve the operation. The accuracy and efficiency of the company have eliminated the misoperation caused by unclear sight, poor environment or improper command coordination, which not only ensures safety but also greatly improves production efficiency.

Saves human resources and manufacturing costs

The cab operation requires special operation, and the driver's actions are limited. Especially when the lifting process is long, the driver can't leave. At the same time, the ground needs to have command and staff, and many people need to cooperate. The operation, tethering and hooking of the wireless crane control can be completed by one person alone, without special drivers and conductors, saving human resources. The cabless design reduces manufacturing costs and reduces the cost of cabs, consoles, air conditioning, lighting, and even ladders.

The difference


The main difference between them is the difference between wired and wireless. wireless crane control is generally used in some more dangerous places. It can be remotely controlled to ensure the safety of the operator. The pendant crane control is used for tasks within a certain distance, but the pendant crane control has higher accuracy and better completion, so the task is more efficient.


wireless crane control and pendant crane control have similarities and differences. They have their own unique advantages for different occasions. If you don't know how to choose, you can consult us and we will give you better advice.

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