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How to maintain and maintain the wireless crane control unit?

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How to maintain and maintain the wireless crane control unit?

Nowadays, most Cranes use wireless remote control, which has the characteristics of improving working conditions and convenient operation. In some slate production enterprises, this method has been widely used. In this way, the driver's personal accident caused by crane derailment or heavy objects falling can be avoided. So, what is wireless crane control? In the process of using, how do we maintain and maintain the wireless crane control unit? Next, we will give you a brief introduction to help you better understand it.


The main points are as follows:

  1. What is wireless crane control

  2. How to check

  3. How to maintain and maintain the wireless crane control unit

  4. Conclusion


What is wireless crane control

The wireless crane control system is controlled by a wireless remote transmitter with various buttons or control rods.It includes single speed crane control and dual speed crane control  It can be held by the operator or clamped on the safety belt or the belt worn by the operator. When in use, the remote transmitter sends a radio signal to the receiver unit installed on the crane. The unit converts the signal into electrical energy and transmits it to the intermediate relay unit on the crane and activates the appropriate contacts, then moves the crane up and down on the rails, left and right, and then raises or lowers the hook.


How to check

The use of cranes in construction and manufacturing plays an important role in the company's operations. When transporting products and bulk materials, the control unit of the wireless crane can be operated more easily and safely. So, how to carry out relevant inspection?


(1) Hook

Whether there is crack on the surface; whether the hook is equipped with safety device to prevent decoupling; whether the dangerous part or hook neck is deformed.


(2) Pulley

Check whether the pulley is broken, whether the rim is damaged and whether the housing is damaged.


(3) Steel wire rope

The wire rope shall be fully lubricated and free from kinks, dead angles and plastic deformation.


(4) Controller

Check whether the button is complete and sensitive; check whether the emergency stop button is complete and sensitive.


(5) Limit device of each mechanism

When no-load, check whether the limit position limiter for rising and falling works normally.


How to maintain and maintain the wireless crane control unit

In order to maintain the daily cleaning, fastening, lubrication and adjustment of the crane and ensure the normal and safe operation of the machine in each shift, the inspection and maintenance responsibilities of the operator must be clearly defined.

The main contents are as follows:


(1) Shift handover inspection and maintenance, mainly including:

① Check whether the power supply system is normal, safe and reliable.


② After power on, check whether all controllers, contactors, instruments, indicator lights and audio equipment are normal.


③ Check whether there are cracks, excessive wear and other phenomena in the spreader, pulley block and wire rope.


④ Start the transmission mechanism, observe its operation, and check whether there is abnormal sound or oil leakage.


⑤ Check whether the limit switch of each safety device is still playing a normal limit role.


(2) Inspection and maintenance in daily operation

①Pay attention to whether there is peculiar smell and abnormal sound in the operation of each mechanism at any time.


② Pay attention to the working conditions of all safety devices at any time.


③ Check whether there is heat or temperature in each mechanism, motor, reducer and bearing seat by using working clearance time.


④ Check and adjust the clearance between the brake, brake wheel and brake block to see if it is even, and then tighten the loose nut.


(3) Maintenance before work

① Check whether the wire rope is in the pulley groove and whether the wire rope is excessively worn.


② Oil quantity in the reducer of each operating mechanism, meshing lubrication and lubricating oil of open gearbox


③ Check whether the coupling transmission is normal and whether it is partially damaged.



In daily use, many operators believe that if the crane works normally all week, it will continue to work every day, so there is no need to check the wireless crane control unit every day. However, daily inspection is an important part of the correct and safe operation of the crane, because some equipment failures may lead to serious accidents. Therefore, timely inspection and maintenance of wireless crane control unit can extend the service life of the equipment and avoid some safety accidents from the source. If you have any questions, please contact us in time.


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