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How to correctly apply wireless crane control system?

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How to correctly apply wireless crane control system?

At present, the crane is widely used in the way of wireless remote control, which has the characteristics of improving working conditions and convenient operation. Especially in some slate production enterprises, wireless remote control has been widely used. It can avoid personal accidents caused by crane derailment or heavy objects falling, but when using wireless remote control mode, it is different from the traditional cable manual controller in safety use. It includes single speed crane control and dual speed crane control . So, how to correctly apply the wireless crane control system? Now, we will give a brief introduction to this, hoping to help you better understand the wireless crane control system.


The main points are as follows:

✉ What is the wireless crane control system?

✉ Advantages of wireless crane control systems

✉ Operational requirements for wireless crane control systems

✉ Summary


What is the wireless crane control system?

The front end of the wireless crane control system includes the following four parts: crane control, video monitoring, alarm, circuit monitoring, etc.


1. Crane control: this part is also the most important part of the whole system. The crane can move heavy objects up and down, and set terminal protection in six directions. There is reliable braking device, and the weight will not fall freely in case of power failure.


2. Video monitoring: the main function of video monitoring is to observe the working state of crane. When the operator can not directly watch the real-time working state of the crane, the camera installed on the crane can be used for inspection to prevent the operator from having a visual angle and misoperation. At the same time, it can also be used to monitor factories to protect factory property.


3. Overload protection: provide overload protection system. Process and judge the data collected in real time to ensure the load is within a reasonable range, so as to prevent the whole crane fault caused by high voltage or current from affecting the factory production. At the same time, it also monitors the crane's lifting weight in real time to prevent the crane from lifting overload goods and accidents.


4. Alarm control: the system provides alarm function. When the crane is in abnormal working condition, the operation center can display abnormal information and alarm through on-site alarm to remind relevant personnel to pay attention to safety.


Advantages of wireless crane control systems

Compared with the traditional crane control system, wireless control has many outstanding advantages:

(1) The problems of cab and cable suspension control are solved, and the advantages of both are provided. Operators can perform assembly and guidance tasks on the floor, so operations require fewer workers to complete other tasks.

The operator can also have a better view because he can move to a position on the floor that will provide the best view of crane operation, which may not require additional observers or repeaters.


(2) Wireless control can also make the operator close to the load in a safe position, so as to obtain higher accuracy in the operation process. In case of heavy load or dangerous load, the operator can also stay away from the load to make the operation safer. Unlike wired suspension controls, wireless controls do not limit the operator's position relative to the load or require the operator to move with the load. The operator must still observe and keep away from the falling area. In the falling area, the load may fall and hit people in the accident.


Operational requirements for wireless crane control systems

So in the daily operation, how to correctly apply the wireless crane control system? What are the operational requirements? Now let's give you a brief introduction.


(1) The crane with wireless remote control shall have various protection functions of the original crane, such as zero position, overcurrent, travel and other protection functions. When the remote control adopts the non automatic reset control lever, it is required that all the control levers should be at the zero position before the control command can be issued. When the main controller and contactor control, the main controller must be at zero position before connecting the remote controller to the main power network of the crane. When the crane is cut off accidentally, the remote control shall stop working. After the power supply is restored, the remote control must pass the correct starting procedure to connect the main power circuit of the crane. When the power supply voltage of the remote control is insufficien


(2) The crane shall be equipped with obvious remote control indicator light to indicate that the machine is operated by remote control.


(3) The main contactor or air breaker for voltage loss trip shall be set to cut off the main power supply of the crane. The power supply of all mechanisms must be led out from the output terminal of the main power contactor. The main power contactor or circuit breaker with voltage loss trip line shall be able to cut off the main power supply of all mechanisms and stop the operation of all mechanisms.


(4) The system shall have the ability to resist the interference signal of the same frequency, and in case of the same frequency interference, no misoperation is allowed.



According to the above introduction, the wireless crane control system can meet different production environment. In the case of paying attention to the safety of use, compared with other operation methods, it can reduce labor force, save time and improve production efficiency; it can also effectively avoid personal injury and equipment loss caused by misoperation. If you have any questions about the wireless crane control system, please contact us in time.

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