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How to control the wireless crane control to complete the task?

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How to control the wireless crane control to complete the task?

Are you already using wireless crane control? If you already have it, I will show you how to use wireless crane control. Proper use can bring out its advantages and maximize benefits.

Main point:

wireless crane control applications

Before operation

Operation time


wireless crane control applications


The wireless crane control uses a high-performance CPU as the main control unit to control the codec data and various execution actions. All data is communicated via the high-frequency unit. All devices are equipped with high-precision packages, which have small size, stable performance and resistance. The characteristics of strong interference ability ensure the reliability of the product.


Wireless crane control is widely used as a wireless remote control and wireless data transmission system for lifting machinery and large industrial equipment. For industries with harsh working conditions, such as electrolysis, smelting mines, large structural parts, steel rolling, etc., as well as dangerous or toxic and harmful gases, wireless crane control can better protect the safety of workers and improve work efficiency.


Before operation


Installation method: Fix the screw on the back of the receiver to the proper position outside the distribution box. To avoid signal interference affecting the reaction speed, do not fix the receiver in the distribution iron box or where there is obvious obstruction.


Before wiring, please check the power supply voltage marked on the receiver carefully, and then connect the correct voltage to the two power lines of the receiver according to the wiring diagram. The common line voltage should be the same as the control voltage of the AC contactor in the distribution box, and then the rest. The wire is connected to the contacts of the corresponding AC contactor.


Put the full 1.5V battery in the correct direction into the transmitter battery box. In order to avoid the signal interruption and crash caused by the loose battery during operation, please tighten the battery cover after each battery replacement. Three screws or screw the battery cover.


Operation time


First press the "stop" button of the transmitter (to reset the internal program of the transmitter), and then press the "Start" button, the transmitter and receiver will enter the standby state. At this time, the indicator light is green, and other function keys can be started. If the "stop" button is pressed, both the transmitter and the receiver are in a stopped state, and the indicator light is red. Rotate the green knob key in the upper right corner of the transmitter to the "ON" position, and confirm that the emergency stop switch is in the release state, and then press the "Start" button, the transmitter and receiver will enter the standby state, and the indicator light will be green. You can start to operate other function keys. For example, press the “Stop” button, the transmitter and receiver are in the stop state, and the indicator light is red.


Now, the operator can control the device by pressing the corresponding arrow keys as needed. During the use process, each group of buttons (up and down, north and south, east and west) has an interlock function, that is, the same group of keys cannot be pressed at the same time. If pressed simultaneously, the transmitter will stop transmitting signals to the receiver and the receiver will be in a stopped state. When you release any of the buttons in the same group, the transmitter and receiver will resume operation. After the operation is complete, please operate in this order:

l Press the "Stop" button or the emergency stop switch

l Remove the magnetic key or rotate the green knob key to the "OFF" position.

If it is not used for a long time, remove the battery inside the transmitter and cut off the power of the receiver.


Proper use is a guarantee of operator safety.The same applies to hoist pedant crane control and rainproof pedant crane control. If you haven't started using wireless crane control yet, you can find out more on our website.

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