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How is the prospect of wireless crane control?

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How is the prospect of wireless crane control?

With the development of China's economy, the crane manufacturing industry has made great progress. There are more and more cranes in use. Many large cranes can't support the lifting work, so this kind of working environment requires the emergence of crane products. Having special skills or structure. At this time, a new crane control system - wireless crane control system appears. The wireless crane control system is controlled by a wireless remote transmitter with various buttons or control rods. So, what kind of changes does it bring to us? What's the future of it? Next, we make a simple analysis of the wireless crane control system.


The main points are as follows:

  • What is a wireless crane control system

  • The importance of wireless crane control systems

  • Development prospects of wireless crane control systems

  • Conclusion


What is a wireless crane control system

The wireless crane control system is controlled by a wireless remote transmitter with various buttons or control rods. It can be held by the operator or clamped on the safety belt or the belt worn by the operator. When in use, the remote transmitter sends a radio signal to the receiver unit installed on the crane. The unit converts the signal into electrical energy and transmits it to the intermediate relay unit on the crane and activates the appropriate contacts, then moves the crane up and down on the rails, left and right, and then raises or lowers the hook. It includes single speed crane control and dual speed crane control.


The importance of wireless crane control systems

Crane usually refers to lifting facilities with lifting capacity and working according to fixed track, such as large gantry crane of wharf and hydropower station, tower crane used on construction site, etc. These equipments are usually operated by employees, so it is necessary for the actual operators to have the operation certificate to be competent. At the same time, in order to solve the problem of bad working environment, the labor cost is increasing, but the level of solving the problem is not improved, so the emergence of wireless crane control system is very important.


The wireless crane control system is controlled by a wireless remote transmitter with various buttons or control rods. Compared with the common manual crane, it has the following advantages: (1) improved safety; (2) improved work efficiency; (3) more convenient operation. Therefore, the control system has an important impact on the development of crane at this stage, is an important basis for the development and implementation of production work, and has an irreplaceable position in industrial production.


Development prospects of wireless crane control systems

Material handling has become an important part of human production activities, with a history of more than 5000 years. With the expansion of production scale and the improvement of automation, as an important equipment of material handling, lifting device is more and more widely used in the modern production process, and plays an increasingly important role, so the requirements for lifting equipment are higher and higher. Higher. The lifting equipment is changing dramatically. At present, hoisting machinery is in the period of high-speed development of the market, which has great market development potential. With the rapid development of modernization, the demand for hoisting machinery is higher and higher. The hoisting machinery is developing towards the direction of large-scale, automation and specialization.


1. Large scale, high speed, key product specialization

Due to the continuous expansion of industrial production scale, the improvement of production efficiency and the increase of the proportion of material handling cost in the production process, the demand for large or high-speed cranes is growing, the lifting capacity is increasing, and the working speed is also increasing. It puts forward higher requirements for energy consumption and reliability. Crane has become an important part of automatic production process. The crane shall not only be easy to operate and maintain, but also have good safety and high reliability, and require excellent durability, trouble free, maintainability and use economy.


2. Modularization, combination and standardization of series products

Modular design is used to replace the traditional whole machine design method. Components with basically the same function on the crane, parts and components are made into standard modules with multiple purposes, the same connecting elements and interchangeability. Through the combination of different modules, different types and specifications of cranes are formed. In order to improve the crane, only a few modules are needed. To design a new type of crane, you only need to select different modules and reassemble them. It can transform the crane of single piece and small batch production into module production of considerable batch, realize efficient specialized production, and the production organization of the enterprise can also change from product management to module management. It can improve the performance of the whole machine, reduce the manufacturing cost, improve the degree of generalization, and make up a series of products with fewer types, more varieties and more specifications, so as to fully meet the needs of users.


3. Automatic, intelligent and digital product performance

The renewal and development of crane depend on the improvement of electric drive and control to a great extent. Combine mechanical technology and electronic technology, apply advanced computer technology, microelectronics technology, power electronic technology, optical cable technology, hydraulic technology, fuzzy control technology to mechanical drive and control system, and realize automation and intelligence of crane. The new generation of electrical control device for large cranes has developed into a complete set of electronic digital control system.



The development of wireless crane control system is very important for the development of the industry, which means that it can greatly reduce labor, improve work efficiency, greatly reduce the possibility of safety accidents, and also realize the automation and mechanization of human brain to develop labor. As the overall level of China's economy is backward and the level of intelligent operation system of hoisting machinery is not high, the safety and quality problems of hoisting machinery products in China are obviously insufficient. Therefore, the application and development of wireless crane control system will be the inevitable trend of construction machinery development. If you have any questions about wireless crane control, like single speed wireless crane control or dual speed wireless crane control, please contact us in time.

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