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Common sense that the staff who operate the pendant crane control need to know

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Common sense that the staff who operate the pendant crane control need to know

Safety is the number one priority in lifting operations. Therefore, regardless of whether or not the pendant crane control is used, it is necessary to pay attention to operational safety. This article will explain to you what common sense staff need to know during hoisting work, whether or not they use pendant crane control.


Use pendant crane control common sense

General work knowledge


Use pendant crane control common sense

l Use pendant crane control correctly. The battery should be properly installed and operated by the indicator light. Turn off the pendant crane control after use, and keep it properly.


l Before using the pendant crane control, check the appearance to ensure that the cleaning is in good condition and the number corresponds to the workplace number. Each pendant crane control must be managed by the designated person in the workshop.


l It is strictly forbidden for non-local personnel to touch and operate pendant crane control.


l The pendant crane control operation, the crane worker needs to control the operation within 10m, and it is strictly prohibited to exceed the 10m range.


l The crane must be facing in the forward direction. It is strictly forbidden to back-to-back and side-to-side cranes. It is strictly forbidden to chat with others when driving.


l When the task is over or not used, press the emergency switch button in time to ensure that the vehicle does not move after the operation stops, and store it as required.


l When the crane is running, it is not completely stopped. It is forbidden to change the anti-vehicle. When the crane is approaching the two ends of the track, do not drive too much, so as to avoid accidents such as derailment. The energy should be concentrated during operation. The trolley and the upper and lower lifting motors cannot be simultaneously start.


General work knowledge

l Safety station

In the hoisting operation, it is very dangerous under the boom, under the hanging object, in the front area of the suspended object, in the triangle area of the guiding pulley steel rope, around the fast rope, in the direction of the inclined hook or the guiding pulley. Once the danger occurs, it is extremely difficult to escape. Therefore, the position of the staff is very important. Not only do they have to pay attention to them at all times, but they also need to remind each other and check the implementation to prevent accidents.


l Depreciation must be predictive of the various factors encountered

For example: the weight of the object is estimated, the cutting is thorough, the removed parts are squeezed to increase the load, and the joints are forcibly lifted without inspection.


l Correct cognitive work environment

In the operation of lifting machinery, some people rely on the experience of use, resulting in the replacement of the working environment, or the limitations of operating conditions, without a clear understanding, the sloppy start, resulting in an accident.


l Timely inspection and maintenance tools

In some cases, in order to complete the work quickly, it is often omitted to check the operation of the equipment, or to use the defective products for cost-saving attitude, which not only damages the safety of the user, but also puts himself in danger.


l The construction plan is out of touch with the actual work

The main performance is incomplete content, lack of necessary data or construction methods are inconsistent with the actual operation, so that the construction plan becomes a shield for the superior inspection, but does not play a role in guiding construction.


l Security measures are not in place

For example, if you work on the crane beam, you can contact the driver of the crane in advance to confirm that it is not enough or because the driver of the crane is busy with the wrong operation. Because the warning flag, warning light, and vehicle gear are not taken, the crane suddenly appears. People can't avoid accidents.


l Use hemp as a safety rope

Because the bearing performance of the hemp rope is far less than that of the steel rope, and the hemp rope is extremely vulnerable to damage and reduces the tensile strength during daily storage and use. Therefore, the use of hemp rope as a safety rope does not have a safety effect, but it causes psychology. Dependence causes an accident.


l Process handover is unclear or multi-unit construction process balance is loophole

If there is any structure or platform on the demolition, but the handover is not clear. The result is that the problem has occurred and I don't know what is going on.


l Eliminate mistakes

Hoisting work is different from many constructions. It involves large areas and often uses different units and different types of cranes. Factors such as daily operating habits, performance, and command signal differences can easily lead to misuse, so be cautious.



Whether using pendant crane control or wireless crane control, the operator needs to be safe first. When you have any small steps, improper operation can cause a major accident. In order to prevent accidents, the operator must be aware of the above.

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