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Application of industrial remote control on bridge crane

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Application of industrial remote control on bridge crane

With the development of related industries, bridge crane has been widely used in metallurgical industry. Due to the characteristics of the industry, the bridge crane in metallurgical enterprises often works in high temperature, dusty, toxic gas and dangerous environment, so the operating conditions of the bridge crane cab are very poor, and the personal safety of the driver can not be effectively guaranteed. With the development of wireless remote control technology, especially the use of advanced digital processing technology and radio communication technology, the remote control system in security, reliability and other aspects has been more and more improved. The use of wireless remote control has gradually become a standard technology in the design and manufacture of crane equipment. With the development of related industries, bridge crane pendant controls has become a thermal control method. It is a type of pedant crane control. So,what are the applications of industrial remote control in bridge crane? Now let's give you a brief introduction.


The main points are as follows:

  • What is a bridge crane pendant controls

  • Types and modes of industrial wireless crane control

  • Application of industrial remote control on bridge crane pendant controls

  • Summary


What is a bridge crane pendant controls

The bridge crane consists of a bridge moving between two fixed runways. A bridge is usually designed as a single beam or a double beam with a trolley traveling along the span of the bridge. The runway can be installed on the existing building support, independent crane support structure or hanger. Bridge crane is the main force. Because of its large production scale and wide use, it is widely used in warehouses, yards, docks and other places. Suspension control of bridge crane is a way to control the crane through suspension control. This control mode is designed to transport goods from one place on the ground to another. Its main function is to lift and carry all heavy objects through lifting tools. And the displacement of its object can be horizontal or vertical. This method can prolong the service life of the equipment, reduce the maintenance cost, and enable the crane operator to complete the work safely and effectively, so as to improve the performance, safety and output.


Types and modes of industrial wireless crane control

1. Types

The wireless remote control device is mainly divided into infrared remote control and radio remote control.

(1)Iinfrared remote control

Infrared remote control is mainly used in the workplace with good visibility and relatively close distance between transmitter and receiver, so the application of infrared remote control is limited.


(2) Radio remote control

Radio remote control is the main form of remote control, but also the leading product in practical application.


2. Control mode

(1) The basic control mode is one to one mode, that is, one transmitter corresponds to one receiver.


(2) According to different applications, there can be many to one and one to many control modes. Multi to one control mode means that multiple transmitters correspond to one receiver, that is, multiple transmitters control the crane in time-sharing. For example, when the installation position of the crane is high, in order to improve the operation accuracy, several working platforms should be divided in the vertical direction. When the lifted object reaches a working platform, the transmitter bracket of the working platform will control it through the conversion of the main transmitter. Crane control.


(3) One to many control mode: one transmitter corresponds to multiple receivers, that is, one receiver controls multiple cranes at the same time. This control mode is very useful when handling, assembling or servicing large or special objects, such as using a transmitter to synchronously control two cranes to handle rails.


Application of industrial remote control on bridge crane pendant controls

Because of the use of wireless remote control, the operator only needs to carry a light transmission system, walk freely and choose the best visual position to operate, thus eliminating the hidden trouble caused by blurred vision, bad environment or improper command and coordination. Past and ensure safe operation. Operation, mooring and connection can be carried out by one person without command, thus saving human resources; through the independent judgment of the operator, the accuracy and consistency of operation can be greatly improved, thus greatly improving production efficiency.



I believe that after reading this article, we have learned more about the bridge crane pendant controls. Only when you know something can you use it better. If you have any questions or questions about the bridge crane pendant controls, please contact us in time and we will answer them wholeheartedly.

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