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Analysis of Wireless crane control market

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Analysis of Wireless crane control market

Due to the release of various national policies and the participation of the government in recent years, more and more cranes have been used in industry, and the development of cranes has become more and more rapid. What followed was the emergence of the crane controller, and I will analyze some of the markets for wireless crane control for you.


What is wireless crane control?

Advantages of wireless crane control

Market status



What is wireless crane control?


A crane is a multi-action hoist that vertically lifts and horizontally carries heavy objects within a certain range. Also known as the crane, aerial crane, crane. The crane is a kind of lifting equipment for loading and unloading goods. It is widely used in the industries of metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, light industry, electric power, construction, transportation and so on. Moreover, in response to the rapid development of electronic technology, the continuous improvement of the wireless remote control device makes it possible for the crane to operate through the wireless crane control during operation.It can be divided into single speed crane control and dual speed crane control.


There are many types of wireless crane control produced at home and abroad. According to different working principles, there are two main forms:

l Infrared light form. Its characteristics are that the operation is directional, the remote control distance is short, the anti-interference ability is poor, and the price is cheap.

l Frequency modulation and demodulation. Its characteristics are non-directional operation, remote control distance, strong anti-interference ability and high price. The remote control device used by the crane is generally frequency modulation and demodulation.


The wireless remote control device is mainly composed of two parts, and the transmitter and the receiver are applied in the crane. The principle of the transmitter is that the control command sent by the operator is coded and then sent out in the form of wireless plating or light wave. There are two main types of transmitters used on cranes: push-button and rocker. The receiver amplifies, shapes, and filters the received wireless plating or light wave signal.


Advantages of wireless crane control


The wireless crane control has the advantages of saving personnel, improving work efficiency and improving the accuracy of operation. Especially for cranes working in metallurgy, high temperature, toxic, high dust and dangerous environment, remote operation can greatly improve working conditions and effectively protect people. Safety. In recent years, with the reduction of the cost of wireless remote control and the introduction of relevant national incentive policies, the proportion of wireless remote control devices has become larger and larger, and it has shown a trend of extending from low-end products to high-end products.


Market status


The “Guidelines for the Guidance of Industrial Structure Adjustment (2011)” issued by the National Development and Reform Commission clearly pointed out that cranes of 400 tons and above were selected as “encouraging” products as emerging industries, and the prospects for cranes are promising.


With the continuous development of the crane industry, more and more enterprises have joined the crane industry, and together they will bring the wireless crane control into the market. Gao Man pointed out that the risks of construction machinery include technical risks, supply and demand risks and economic fluctuation risks. The core technology of some engineering machinery products is mainly reflected in the overall design and technology integration. If the company cannot research and develop new technologies, new processes and new products in time to meet the requirements of the market, the products may face the risk of being eliminated.


Due to the fierce competition in China's construction machinery industry, especially the international engineering machinery giants have entered the Chinese market. Compared with foreign competitors, Chinese enterprises still have a large gap in terms of product types, research and development strength, technology level, capital scale and brand influence. In addition, fluctuations in the world economy may also bring certain uncontrollable risks to the industry.




With the trend and development of society, the use of wireless crane control will be the dominant trend. If you have the intention to purchase, please contact us.

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