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Advantage of pendant crane control

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Advantage of pendant crane control

Traditional crane controllers are outdated because of their many drawbacks and are highly vulnerable to safety hazards. When the pendant crane control appeared, the various drawbacks of the lifting operation were improved to varying degrees. I think you need to understand the advantages of pendant crane control.


Analysis of the original control system

Features of pendant crane control

Advantages after pendant crane control


Analysis of the original control system

 Originally used controller and wire-controlled operation mode: Due to the limitation of the control line, the operator must follow the left and right objects of the object or the object below to control the walking of the vehicle while the lifting object is moving. Sometimes the line of sight is not so clear or the line and object are controlled. When mixed together, it brings great inconvenience to the operator's work, and there are safety hazards. When the work is too large or the wire control is not so flexible, several people need to work together to complete the work. If the communication is not very tacit, the accuracy of the work will be greatly reduced, and the production efficiency will be the same. Great discount.

The cab operation mode is controlled by the driver through a cam controller or a linkage table. When using, it is necessary to hold the operation permit personnel to climb the crane cab operation, and the exclusive auxiliary personnel under the crane lanyard and command. During the operation, the driver must operate through the commander's gesture on the ground. If there is a blind spot in the perspective or misunderstand the driver's misunderstanding, it will cause operational errors and have a relatively large risk potential.


Features of pendant crane control

  • Security key: A security key switch to prevent unauthorized use or accidental touches;

  • Total stop switch: In the case of an emergency, the total stop switch is pressed and the crane is completely stopped, emphasizing the overall safety factor;

  • Up and down buttons: The hook has up to 2 speeds up and down, and up to 5 speeds through the time relay.

  • Things button: The cart has up to 2 speeds and up to 5 speeds through the time relay.

  • North-South button: The trolley has 2 speeds and up to 5 speeds through the time relay.

  • Key security: Up/down, East/West, South/North can suppress each other and there is no conflict;

  • Control distance: up to 100 meters, ensuring that the crane is used within sight.

  • Security coding: Up to tens of millions or even hundreds of billions of security codes, ensuring that when multiple remotes are used in the same location, they will not affect the other machines.

Advantages after pendant crane control

  • Original function: the function and usage of the original system are still retained;

  • Modification system: The function after modification of the remote control can satisfy all the original functions;

  • System conversion: easy to change room control and remote control in the cab, flexible and convenient;

  • Improve production efficiency: Control is in the hands of the operator, allowing the author to judge independently, coherent, and naturally increase production.

  • Reduced human resources: Reduce the operation of one driver, the user can independently hook the head, and one person can operate independently without command.

  • Keep away from the danger zone: the operation can be operated in a safe and good view if the operation is high temperature, strong acid, strong alkali or unclear sight.

  • Reduced maintenance costs: pendant crane control can completely replace the cab function, allowing the "cab" to be mobile.


With the addition of pendant crane control, it has strong support of PLC and inverter with perfect function and stable performance. The whole machine has very good reliability, speed regulation performance, energy saving and operation efficiency compared with traditional bridge crane. Great improvement, making the performance of the whole machine more secure and reliable.


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